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Potassium Acetate

Other Fine Chemical
CAS NO 127-08-2
HS Code 29152990
Molecular Formula C2H3O2K
Molecular Weight 98.14
Applications Pharmaceutical and very pure grade Potassium Acetate can be used
in the manufacture of antibiotics, penicillin, insulin and in haemo-
and peritoneal dialysis., etc.
Packing Available 50Kgs, 25Kgs, 10Kgs in HDPE, Fiber Drum
Description A white crystalline powder, deliquescent. A white crystalline powder, deliquescent.
Solubility Very soluble in water Very soluble in water
Identification (1 in 10)Solution Complies the test Complies the test
pH (5% soln. in distilled water) 7.5 - 8.5 7.8 to 8.4
Chloride Max 100 ppm < 0.01 ppm
Sulphate Max. 50 ppm < 0.02 ppm
Heavy metals Max 10 ppm < 0.01 ppm
Iron Max. 10 ppm < 0.03 ppm
Sodium Not more than 0.03 % < 0.001%
Loss on drying @ 105 ℃ Not more than 1.0% < 0.30 %
Assay Not less than 99.0% and Not more than 101.0 % > 99.50 %
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