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Thymol Iodide

Iodine Derivatives
CAS NO 552-22-7
HS Code 29420090
Molecular Formula C20H24I2O2
Molecular Weight 550.2123
Applications Topical antiseptic, in feed suppliment,
salt blocks for animals etc.
Packing Available 50Kgs, 25Kgs, 10Kgs in HDPE, Fiber Drum
Description Yellow Coloured Powder slightly aromatic smell Yellow Coloured Powder slightly aromatic smell
Solubility Freely soluble in chloroform and ether, collodion fixed and volatile oils, usually leaving a slight residue. Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water and glycerin and in cold and hot solution of alkali hydroxide. Complies the test
Identification Heat 100 mg with 2 ml of Sulphuric acid, it decomposes with the separation of Iodine +VE
Alkalinity Not alkaline to litmus paper Complies the test
Residue on ignition Limit Max. 1.5 % < 0.20 %
Soluble Halides Not greater than that of a control reference solution containing 2.0mg of Potassium Iodide for 100mg of Substance Complies the test
Loss on drying Limit Max. 2.0 % < 0.50 %
Iodine No blue colour with starch solution Complies
Assay ( on dried bais) Not less than 43.0 % > 44. 67 %
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